Nicolites from £4.79 @ Simple Online Pharmacy

Nicolites from £4.79 @ Simple Online Pharmacy

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Nicolites and Nicolite Refills


Cheap Nicolites from £4.79 at Simple Online Pharmacy UK.

We Stock a large range of electronic cigarettes, at cheap prices, saving you significant amounts on the high street retail price.

We Stock Electronic Cigarette Brands, such as Nicolites, Nicocig, Vapestick, E Cig, Vapourlite and Crafe Away. Some of the cheapest Nicolites refills online from £4.79![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Cheap Electronic Cigarettes at Simple Online Pharmacy UK from £4.79

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Each box of Nicolites cartomisers contains 3 electronic cartomiser refills, that will each last for up to 20 cigarettes worth of smoking each. These are only compatible with Nicolites Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes, and will not fit the disposable model. Because Nicolites contain no tobacco, they’re not subject to the smoking ban and can be used anywhere — indoors or outdoor. They can also save you upto 75% when compared to buying normal cigarettes. The Nicolites design, looks very similar to a normal cigarette and aims to deliver an authentic simulation of the smoking experience, minus the main danger.Nicolites contain none of the thousands of known toxic substances found in tobacco smoke. Imagine — no more need to stand outdoors in bad weather to smoke a tobacco cigarette. Since Nicolites are exempt from the smoking ban, it’s ideal for use in places where tobacco is prohibited — indoors or outdoors — including pubs, restaurants, shops, sporting events and many other venues. How Nicolites Work – Nicolites consist of a realistic looking housing that contains a cartomiser, which transforms liquid nicotine into an inhalable vapour. The cartomiser consists of an atomisation chamber and liquid nicotine. Nicolites has the latest e-cig technologies that offer efficient and reliable performance. After purchasing a starter kit, only the cartomiser, which is equal to about 20 conventional cigarettes, needs replacing. Nicolites are much cheaper than regular cigarettes by most comparisons. And are even cheaper when you purchase from Simple Simple Pharmacy!


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