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This Service Has Not Yet Launched. Please Contact Us If You Are Interested In Receiving Cost Price Vaccines When Our Pharmacist Undergoes A Supervised Training Day.

Payment Is Taken On The Day of Your Appointment

Please select your preferred date and time of your appointment. We then need you to let us know which vaccines you need, and how many of each. You may book up to 4 adults into a 20 minute slot. For example, if you only require a typhoid vaccine, and need to book a total of 2 adults for the same, please select 2 Typhoid vaccines. If you are unsure of which vaccines you need, please visit FIT FOR TRAVEL, and select your destination(s). Once you have booked your appointment, it is important you fill out our vaccination assessment forms. This will save time on the day of your vaccination, and allow us to see if there are any reasons why a particular vaccine may not be right for you.

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